The Reviews Are In



Stefanie Zazzera

My family and I have going to Marlins Insurance for over 20 years for all of our insurance and coverage needs. They are so accommodating and reliable, the only company I trust. I would recommend Marlins Insurance to anyone, family, or business.

Melissa Ayers

I’ve been a coustomer for several years and i am not planning on going anywhere else for my insurance needs. Their team is so helpful and professional. Nick and Toya are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

Kenneth Collins

My car broke down in front of this business last week in the middle of a HOT SFLA day. After struggling to get it started again, Tony helped me push it out of the road and offered to help me get it towed home after inviting me into the office to cool down. He didn’t attempt to sell me anything, just was interested in helping to get me back on the road. Luckily, I was able to get it started but the hospitality I was shown that day really restored my faith in humanity… they see people BEFORE dollar signs.
If they’d go outta the way to help a complete stranger I can only imagine how well they treat their actual customers. That being said, I’m definitely gonna be back once it’s time to renew my insurance. Thanks again for your help!

Jackie Aquafina

Been using their services for years truly amazing service & very professional at all times, Marlins  is the best & they do an amazing job at getting you what you need.